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things are finally starting to look up

Well not too much has been going on lately...
i got a webcam and have had nuff webcam parties.
i'll be posting some pictures when im not so lazy to upload them on photobucket.
i really wanna get photoshop.
it makes me sad that i dont have it.
oh well. c'est la vie.

on a better note...i went to the oshawa mall with drew<3, morari, and emily yesterday.
it was good times!
i got 2 purses, because a girl can never have too many purses!

yes so im still really pissed about the jess and drew thing.
jess is a fucking hoebag so im not really surprised about her.
but fuck i could kill her about this.
i talked to drew about it, and he reassured me she would never take my spot in his life.
we had such a good talk. i honestly couldnt stop crying.
at first i was crying because i was so upset, but then the upset turned into....not upset-ness because he was being his sweet self.
telling me i'd always be his bestest friend in the whole world.
fuck i love that kid,
hes taking the train to come and see me again today which excites me beyond belief!
morari and yarmo are coming over to.
were going to have a swim/craft day.
this should be great!

tomorrow, brett, chris, amanda, yarmo, anna, and brad leave for the cottage. and baran is meeting them up there [hes already been gone for 2 weeks].
they are all gone until tuesday.
this is gonna friggin suck:(
oh'll give me a chance to hang out with other ppl without feeling bad.'d be nice to hear from some of comment why dont cha!
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